Jul 08,2016

Cryopak Becomes an Official Supplier for the Jeux du Quebec

Montreal, QC (July 8th, 2016) - Cryopak is proud to become an official supplier for the Jeux du Quebec - Montreal, summer 2016. This event will take place in Montreal from July 17 to 25, 2016. During this time, the 3,700 young athletes' lunch boxes will stay ice cold thanks to the Ice-Paks

Jul 05,2016

Temperature Mapping Series - Protocol Writing

Summer is finally here, and temperature mapping season as well. Let’s get mapping!

Jul 06,2015

Temperature Transparency - The Key to a Risk Free Supply Chain

So you have your packaging, your refrigerants, a temperature monitoring device and have arranged temperature controlled transport... You're all set! You've done everything in your power to ensure your product reaches it's destination having been transported within the desired temperature range...

Jul 06,2015

Are You Getting the Most from Your Monitoring Device?

Monitoring devices are everywhere, and travel more miles than many of us will in a life-time. They are the companions of Pharmaceutical products, Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Fish, and anything that is Temperature and/or Humidity Sensitive. They play an important role in ensuring our food and